10 Nov 2017

Milton Keynes Top "Frontier Leadership" Expert

'10 Minute Tip' by Freddie Guilmard - Frontier Leadership Guru - 7.15am to 9.30am

Freddie Guilmard: The Frontier Leader’s leader & guru

As Red Thread’s Managing Director, Freddie has over twenty years’ experience of board level Communications and Change initiatives focusing on Internal Communication and Employee Engagement Strategies, Conference Content, Live Experiential Events, Leadership Team Development and Performance Improvement.

Freddie has been involved in a number of medium to large scale change programmes & his ability to focus on both the What & the How makes him a real asset to ensure the successful crafting & implementation of change programmes.

With an ability to be both strategic & creative, combined with expertise across a number of sectors & brands, Freddie is able to engage internal stakeholders to enable them to drive effective change & engagement inside organisations.  His list of clients include Daimler Chrysler, Nestle, Lexus, Shell, Bupa and Kerry Foods.

A government role: recognition of expertise

Freddie’s knowledge and insight into communication & engagement was recognised when he was invited to be a “Guru” on the government's Engage 4 Success task force.

His work experience includes 7 years as Director of Strategy & Business Change for Opus Creates & he was also Director of Strategic Client Development (UK) for Maritz, the world’s largest performance improvement specialists.

Having worked in corporate businesses & with people for a number of years, his passion led him to starting his own business to work with leaders & give them the tools, passion & motivation to be the very best they can be at work.  He understands that transformation of this kind is not complicated, it’s hard – and he helps businesses understand that difference.

The Red Thread Partnership

Formed nearly 7 years ago, The Red Thread Partnership has been successfully delivering organisational development programmes - enabling companies to effectively develop leaders, grow great teams & excite organisations.  Their team is growing & they have an ever-increasing network of Associates and Partners.

In 2017 they were finalists in Buckinghamshire’s Business Awards and Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards. Not only that; they also launched their first book, “The 7 Steps to Frontier Leadership” and their ”Fellowship programme” became accredited with the ILM.

About the conversation:

Tomorrow’s successful leaders are at a new frontier. Not there yet? You need to be!

Don’t miss The Business Growth Club Milton Keynes, November 10th from 7.15am until 9.30am

Top Milton Keynes Frontier Leadership expert Freddie Guilmard brings you up to date … in the 10 Minute Tip at the Business Growth Club

Friday, November 10th, 2017 from 7.15am until 9.30am at Abbey Hill Golf Centre in Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes

How to make a difference... how to become a Frontier Leader

Leadership is changing. Everywhere. In all situations, in every business sector & in every kind of culture the leadership challenges of the future are not those we have experienced in the past. And there are very good reasons why this is the case. Understanding those reasons; acting on that understanding & then reflecting on those actions is what we call Frontier Leadership.

In this session, Freddie will share some of his research into the key challenges organisations are facing in an increasingly complex and unpredictable world.

He will describe the intersection of:

  • True understanding of the changing operating environment;

  • True understanding of your, and your organisation’s belief systems;

  • True understanding of your leadership behaviours can lead to Frontier Leadership outcomes.

He will also set out the 3 key strands of action you need to focus your energy on.

The 7 steps

So how do you become a Frontier Leader in 2017 & beyond?

1. Understand your environment

2. Understand your beliefs

3. Understand your behaviours

4. Choose your role

5. Create the cultural context

6. Enabling Purpose and Direction

7. Allocate resources

Oh and there is a Step 8 - start again with step 1: the task is never finished. Each aspect of being a Frontier Leader requires a commitment to continuous change and adaptation. Being a Frontier Leader means having an itch you can never quite scratch. Being a Frontier Leader in the 21st Century is the only type of leader to be.